We Obssess Over Flow.

We don’t just focus on the flow of work.  We focus on the flow of information.

The flow of information is what connects people, teams, services and organizations to each other and to their work, and enables it to flow.

How freely does actual information flow in your organization?

Public & Private Training

We offer a variety of public classes and are happy to support private training events for organizations.


We coach individuals, teams and organizations to help them visualize and unlock their potential.


Sometimes you have to bring in a partner to solve big problems. We will roll our sleeves up with you.

The Kanban Method

No need to "fix the plane while it's flying."

It’s a familiar anecdote people frequently use when they know their processes aren’t working for them, but they also can’t stop what they’re doing long enough to really understand why. This is a familiar feeling with traditional change methods.

That’s why we teach the Kanban Method. The Kanban Method is our primary tool for learning and improving as we go, and it can guide teams and organizations of all sizes on the science behind the way work works. Understanding the flow of work turns ordinary organizations into learning organizations that can grow and improve sustainably and humanely.

Advanced Jira Patterns

The manual doesn't always solve real-world problems.

Atlassian’s Jira® product has been a leading work management system for twenty years, but every organization uses it differently.  What’s more, fewer organizations use its full potential, and that can be a limiting proposition.

We work with teams and organizations to help them unlock Jira’s capabilities, and by teaching them proven patterns to help improve flow, transparency and reporting.

Have a specifc project in mind? Let’s get to work.