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Kanban Method Courses and Certifications

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The Kanban Method has its roots in just-in-time manufacturing and Lean Thinking, and has evolved into an approach that enables organizations to achieve greater levels of business agility. Kanban helps organizations understand, visualize, and measure the flow of work to continually improve and consistently deliver effective results.

Our classes on the Kanban Method are accredited by Kanban University, an organization originally founded in 2010 by David J. Anderson and a group of other enthusiasts, which now boasts having certified nearly 100,000 students worldwide.

Scrum Better With Kanban (SBK)

Many once high-performing Scrum Teams, over time, tend to see more and more sprint goals pass by partially realized.  The fact is, times change, people change, markets change, just to name a few factors. These shifts in diminished capability make the grind towards entropy something everyone physically feels.  But the root cause is that there are many root causes, and we need new ways of looking at old problems if we’re ever going to break through our plateaus.

Scrum Better with Kanban can help you improve your Scrum through the introduction of proven Kanban practices, principles, and application of evolutionary change management. This course captures the lessons learned from Scrum teams that successfully evolved their way of working by using evolutionary change found in the Kanban Method. Our hands-on training will ensure that you walk away with a proven approach to introducing changes that will deliver results for your team and organization.

Participants who complete this class will receive the Scrum Kanban Practitioner (SKP) credential.

Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP)

The one-day Team Kanban Practitioner class is the best first step for getting the work organized by teams and leaders like you. The Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) certification class is designed to introduce teams, individual contributors, and leaders to making change where they are. With the exercises and simulation in this course, you’ll learn and apply the principles, practices and techniques the Kanban Method uses to tame variability, improve focus, and improve to flow of value from organizations to their customers.

The TKP is most frequently conducted privately to familiarize teams just starting to explore Kanban and train them Kanban on how to begin applying the Kanban Method.  If you are interested in private group training, please contact us to start planning your event today.




Kanban Management Professional (KMP)

Kanban University awards the Kanban Management Professional Certification after completing two classes: Kanban System Design and Kanban Systems Improvement, each described below.

Kanban System Design (KSD)

Kanban System Design (KSD) teaches participants the fundamentals of the Kanban Method and how to design Kanban systems to optimize flow and speed the delivery of work. We use hands-on simulations to explore the anti-patterns we all recognize and see the dramatic effects when we apply the Kanban Method.

Kanban Systems Improvement (KSI)

Regardless of the type of industry or an organization’s size, Kanban Systems Improvement (KSI) teaches participants how to tackle real-world problems using the Kanban Method’s approach to managing change. Through hands-on labs and structured discussions, you’ll learn more about Kanban as an evolutionary change mechanism and how to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, apply cadences for gathering feedback, improve capacity, and better address demand.

Enterprise Kanban Management Professional (EKMP)

With the the 2-day Enterprise Scaling Kanban (ESK) class, take your Kanban implementation from the department level up to a business unit consisting of multiple product units. Broaden your view of the your enterprise as a network of interdependent services. Learn how to create executive dashboard reporting for multiple business units allowing you to roll up results from a workforce of up to tens of thousands of people. Take service-oriented thinking from the Kanban Method and Kanban Management Professional training to the next level by learning the practices needed for effective dependency management.

Scrum Foundations

Created in 1995, the Scrum Framework has become one of, if not the most, popular Agile frameworks worldwide.  According to the annual State of Agile report, nearly 90% of those surveyed said they use it in their organization. Scrum Foundations provides an excellent starting point for teams, leaders, or simply the curious to learn Scrum and put it to use.

Our Scrum Foundations classes are only offered privately to groups of 3 or more. If you are interested in private group training, please contact us to start planning your event today.